Dave Thackeray

Dave Thackeray

Content Design Specialist

I like to think of myself as a man of words and wisdom, a content maestro dancing on the keyboard to the rhythm of creativity and strategy.

From journalism to digital transformation, I’ve always focused on connecting organisations to customers through captivating content that not only informs, but also transforms.

My approach has always been one of fun, utility, clarity, simplicity, authenticity – and anything but ordinary.

In my other life I love cooking, podcasting, watching documentaries, Alan Partridge, and lazy travelling. My personal website, Thacknology, shares hot takes on content strategy in the age of AI, customer communications, and even quantum research.

My business site, Word And Mouth, is where I unleash creative prowess to develop and deliver inspired content strategies for organisations ready for radically better results, transforming lifeless content into something that’s not just good for business but also uplifting for colleagues and customers alike.


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