Penny Jones

Penny Jones

Marketing and Communications Director

With nearly two decades of experience in helping fast-growing startups succeed, Penny brings a lot of marketing know-how to Givto. She mixes data-driven insights, psychology, and a bit of creative magic to craft strategies that really connect with people. A big fan of analytics (some would say a nerd), Penny uses data as a basis for decision making, combined with customer insights, and a test-and-learn philosophy to get the best results. She is always on the lookout for new ways marketing can help brands to grow, innovate, and succeed.

When she’s not deep in marketing mode, Penny enjoys quality time with her family—her daughter, husband, and two excessively pampered cats. Her hobbies include reading, gaming (board and video), travel, origami, and sewing. She is also driven by her pursuit of ikigai (‘reason for being’) and is passionate about blending purpose into her work and play. At Givto, she’s thrilled to use her marketing skills for causes that matter to her, supporting a mission she truly believes in.


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