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Fundraising and Bid Writing Manager

Job summary

We want more people to know about our unique fundraising website Givto, which enables people to give to a different
charity each month. To raise funds for marketing we need an excellent Fundraising Manager to join our cause.

Responsibilities & duties

As our Fundraising and Bid Writing Manager you will research funding opportunities, identify best grants we can apply for, write our bids and monitor the process with each Trust, Foundation or Organization.

Specifically, you will:
– Research prospective trusts and other grant giving bodies whose aims and objectives are aligned with Givto.
– Create a calendar/pipeline identifying all the potential grants we can apply for, highlighting deadlines and requirements for each.
– Complete and submit grant applications on behalf of the charity that are compelling and engaging.
– Maintain accurate records including copies of applications submitted, key contacts, outcomes and learnings for future applications.
– Build and maintain relationships with funders

Experience & skills

– Excellent writing skills, particularly around writing persuasive bids that clearly and concisely explain our work and why funding is needed.
– Self-motivated, resourceful and professional, willing to take the initiative with a can-do attitude!
– Great organisational skills to proactively plan and prioritize different projects and deadlines.
– Experience in obtaining grants for charities or other non-profits.
– Good knowledge of the Fundraising industry and of possible funders for Givto an advantage.

Difference you will make

Givto is unique. It’s a bit like a digital version of the supermarket charity token schemes. The charities who have worked with us have told us Givto is not only helping with funding ,but it also enables them to reach people who would never have heard of them otherwise. That’s because no matter how big or small a charity is, or what cause they support – they all get a platform with Givto.

After our revamp of the brand and website design, we now want to focus on a marketing strategy to make sure we ramp up the visibility of the website. We believe paid ads on Google and Social platforms will be a big part of it, and you would be securing the funding to make it a reality.

Ultimately this means that more people will sign up to give to a cause close to their heart every month, and so you will help raise more money for charities across the country.


If you would like to find out more or volunteer for this role please contact us at