Chloe Roberson - January 21st , 2022

How can Givto help you make giving to charity your New Year’s resolution?

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So, you’ve read our recent blog and you’ve made donating to charity on a regular basis your New Year’s resolution.

So, you’ve read our recent blog and you’ve made donating to charity on a regular basis your New Year’s resolution. Congratulations! But where do you start? 

You might feel intimidated by the thousands of not-for-profit organisations you can choose from (there are over 160,000 registered charities in England and Wales alone!). Or maybe you already give to charity every month, but wish you could support other equally deserving causes, too. 

We understand, and that’s exactly why we set up Givto. We wanted to offer people an easy way to discover new causes and donate to a different one each month. You simply set up an account and decide how much to give, and then we send you three causes to choose from each month. At the heart of it, the premise of Givto is simple: spreading generosity and kindness as far and wide as we can.

How will Givto help me keep my New Year’s resolution? 

We all know how tough it is to stick to our resolutions. One of the main reasons we fail is because we don’t make our resolutions specific enough. Goals such as “lose weight” or “save money” are great, but without any way to measure our success, we can lose motivation. 

Making your resolution more specific is a great way to stay on track. If you want to give back to the community this year, you could resolve to give to local charities more often. But what if you find it hard to discover new causes? What if life gets busy and you forget to donate at all for a few months? That’s where Givto comes in. We’ll help you find worthy causes every month, and you’ll never miss a donation, because if you ever forget to choose your monthly charity, we’ll pick one for you. We take all the hassle out of giving, making it easy for you to stick to your goals. 

I already give to charity. Why should I use Givto?

With Givto, the “Helper’s High” of giving to charity never wears off, because you’ll experience the benefits of helping someone else over and over again every month.

With Givto, you’ll actively engage with your chosen charity each month by reading about what they do and how your donation will be used. Once you’ve chosen, we’ll share links to their website and social media with you, so you can connect with them and keep up to date if you want to. This means that you’ll get a reminder each month that you’re doing good and helping others.

It’s also really fun choosing your charity each month. You can look into each one in as much depth as you want to, and you can get your friends and family involved in your decision, too. “I love choosing the charity each month”, says Rebecca Jarratt, Givto user. “There are loads of amazing charities in Leeds that I wouldn’t have heard of without Givto. I get my kids involved in choosing too!”

Who will I help?

The Givto service has been launched in the Leeds area initially, with a focus on helping small, local charities in Yorkshire, but we’ve already featured national charities such as Age UK and Brake too. Wherever you’re based, we’re sure you’ll find a cause close to your heart in the three charities you can choose from each month. And if you’re based in Leeds, you’ll have an opportunity every month to learn three causes that help people close by. “Givto is an opportunity for me to give back to the local community that supported me and my family through difficult situations”, says Andi Sharkey, Givto user. “Givto takes the hassle out of searching for those lesser-known charities doing amazing work in my local area.”

I’m sold. How do I sign up?

It’s as simple as clicking here and choosing your donation amount. You’ll need to give us some of your details to make sure we can get in touch with you each month, but don’t worry: we keep your personal information secure and we won’t share it with anyone else, so you’ll never be contacted by our charities directly or asked to give more. 

Once you’ve registered, you can look forward to receiving your monthly email with details of three fantastic charities to choose from. Pick the cause closest to your heart, and feel good knowing that you’ve made a difference.  

Givto will help you to make your New Year’s resolution a reality. With so many benefits to giving to charity, and so many reasons to use Givto to do it, it couldn’t be easier to stick to your resolution this year. So, what are you waiting for? Resolve to make a difference this year with Givto!

Are you ready to start giving? Sign up to Givto here: