Laura Mitchell

Published by <p>Laura is a media and PR specialist with over 11 years of experience working in public and third sector communications. […]</p>

Robert Murad

Published by <p>Robert started developing apps as a hobby in 2011, creating games and other small projects. In the years since he […]</p>

Pauline Richardson

Published by <p>Pauline has worked in photography for more than 10 years. She has combined her photography expertise with her passion for […]</p>

Chloe Roberson

Published by <p>A keen reader and writer, Chloe decided to put her passion for words to good use and joined Givto as […]</p>

Maria Serna

Published by <p>Having worked in digital marketing for 12 years in the telecoms and travel industries, Maria recently decided to move into […]</p>

Ammar Mesari

Published by <p>Ammar is a specialist in behavioral and audience research and uses these skills to understand who uses Givto and why, […]</p>

Janet Morgan

Published by <p>Janet has been in research and marketing for over 20 years and brings this expertise to the Givto team, helping […]</p>

Nick Gregory

Published by <p>Nick originally qualified as an electronic engineer before embarking on a career in internet technology businesses. Over the past 22 […]</p>

Andrew Dicker

Published by <p>Andrew is founder and director of award-winning brand development and digital agency GeoBrand. He has more than 20 years’ experience […]</p>

Penny Coulthard

Published by <p>As the chair of a local charity, Penny knows how hard it is to raise funds and increase the profile […]</p>